Reasons to Move

Top 50 Reasons to Move to Armenia or Karabakh.

  1. Mt. AraratFree house and cow in Karabakh
  2. Pace of life
  3. Quality of life
  4. Low cost of living
  5. Lake Sevan
  6. Museums
  7. Countryside
  8. No McDonalds
  9. Khorovadz
  10. The Apricots
  11. Cultural Events
  12. Hiking
  13. Ararat Brandy
  14. Camp anywhere you like
  15. Myfi wireless internet everywhere
  16. Very affordable healthcare
  17. Free outdoor concerts
  18. Go to the opera for $10
  19. 30¢ subway rides
  20. $2 cab rides all over town
  21. $1.50 draft beer
  22. See Mt. Ararat any time you want
  23. Vernissage
  24. Grand Candy
  25. Water buffalo yogurt
  26. To be the change you want to see in this world
  27. Short flight away from Europe, Asia and the Middle East
  28. Ghapama (the stuffed pumpkin dish that Harout was singing about)
  29. See and participate in the development of a new democracy
  30. One of the highest numbers of doctors per capita in the world
  31. The incredibly good seasonal fruits and vegetables
  32. Cheap organic produce delivered to your door
  33. Cheap lessons from masters in chess, music, dance
  34. Rent and drive a Soviet jeep
  35. Ask for directions to a monastery and end up eating a feast in someone’s home
  36. Discover fruit juices made from things you’ve never heard of (Chichkhan, Rose hip)
  37. Climb Mt. Aragats before breakfast
  38. Rent a dacha for the weekends
  39. Cheap skiing
  40. Ice skating at Swan Lake by the Opera house in winter
  41. Buy shots of sunflower seeds for 50 drams
  42. Actually see where the food you’re eating comes from (chickens, pigs, apples, etc)
  43. Custom furniture, clothes, shoes for the same price as store bought
  44. Finally learn the Armenian word for spaghetti (just kidding, it’s still spaghetti)
  45. Afford actual art you love to decorate your entire space, and commission paintings
  46. Cable TV bill under 5,000 drams ($18)
  47. No sales tax!
  48. Live in the only country in the world with great relations with the US, Russia and Iran
  49. One of the safest countries in the world – kids play outside unattended past 10pm
  50. Whether you are interested in living in a city, in the suburbs, on a farm, in the mountains, or on a lake, you can build your dream home in Armenia.

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