If you are moving to Armenia from the West, you can call the airline you are coming on for information on how much you can bring, and how much excess luggage costs.  If you live in the European Union, you could consider driving to Armenia.

You can ship some items by post or sea if you don’t need them right away.  For Armenians in Los Angeles and perhaps some other cities, there are large shipping consolidators who ship small boxes for as little as $20 by sea, and large boxes for $40.  The price is regardless of weight, and you could fill them with bricks if you like.  This is an excellent option for sending heavier items you may want to have in Armenia.

If you do move to Armenia, you may ship a one time special shipment allowance which is not taxed by customs!  This is a very big deal.  With this allowance you can send an entire container to Armenia with your car and your household goods.  Cars, electronics, furniture and other goods are normally taxed by customs.  This can add up to a substantial amount when you add up the value of a car and your household goods.  So if you plan to have a car and send furniture and all – take advantage of this.  Contact your local Armenian embassy for details, but note that you must have an inventory list of every candlestick and matchbook in your container.  This is a real burden.  It also must appear that the goods are household goods, and not obviously meant for resale.  If you have any problems with customs in these regards, you should contact the Ministry of Diaspora in Yerevan.

Many airlines fly to Armenia – and although any online site or non-Armenian agency can get you a ticket, you’ll usually find that the Armenian travel agents that advertise in Armenian newspapers (in print or online) tend to have the best prices.  Call around.


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