What is an Armenian from the West (AFW)?

An AFW is any Armenian from the European Union, the United States, Canada or Australia/New Zealand.

What about Armenians from other areas?

Armenians from the Middle East, former Soviet Union and other places have already been moving to Armenian in often large numbers.  This project specifically targets Armenians from the West as defined above, in order to bring a somewhat different perspective and links to networks in the West.

Why are you encouraging AFWs to move to Armenia and Karabakh?

Having lived in Armenia ourselves, we’ve seen the impact a few people can have, and are convinced a larger group would create a butterfly effect that would help create jobs, connections and better governance.  We believe an infusion of AFWs would be a rich contribution to the fabric of Armenian society.

What type of AFW is allowed to join?

All types.  Every person has a unique background and perspective.  Old, young, families, singles.  AFWs of every kind are welcomed.

Are AFWs already living in Armenia counted?

No.  It’s great that there is already an AFW community, but this project is aimed at growing the number by 3,000.

Is the Armenia3500 project affiliated with any organizations?

No.  And it never will be.  All are welcomed, no questions asked.

Is the Statement of Intent a legal contract to move to Armenia/Karabakh or to stay a certain length of time?

No, it is simply a stated intent and we hope everyone is able to achieve it.

What if I don’t like living in Armenia/Karabakh?

Moving to Armenia/Karabakh is not for everyone.  Some have obligations that don’t allow it, some may not like it once they try it.  We’d just like it if you consider it or give it a shot.  If it’s not for you, then you can always move back having experienced something different.

Are participants expected to move to Yerevan or another specific location?

Absolutely not.  Anywhere in Armenia (or Karabakh) that you prefer is fine.  The point is simply to be here.

Why will the Armenia3500 Project succeed in getting people to move to Armenia if they haven’t already?

 We feel that the cumulative effect of a large group moving to Armenia at once will create a better environment for all who move here.  Some will be starting businesses that will create job opportunities for others.  Some will find that friends and acquaintances who have moved at the same time, creating instant community.  And we think some simply need a deadline in order to start planning and make moving to Armenia “someday” a more concrete proposition.

Can you help me with finding a job or starting a business in Armenia/Karabakh?

We can’t hand you a job when you arrive, but we hope the resources on this site will be of some use.

Can you help with my housing needs in Armenia/Karabakh?

We can’t hand you a home when you arrive, but there is no shortage of housing in Armenia and you can find something short-term online while you look for a more permanent place to live.  We have some housing tips on our site.

What if I don’t speak Armenian?

No problem.  Peace Corps volunteers in Armenia take a crash course in Armenian and in a matter of weeks they can get by in basic Armenian.  Many tutors are available, and many locals would be happy to have mixed English/Armenian or French/Armenian conversations in order to practice a new language themselves.  Some Westerners live in Armenia for years without learning the language, but it doesn’t allow for as rich an exchange and experience.

Does Armenia have dual citizenship?

Yes, if you have Armenian ancestry you can obtain Armenian citizenship without giving up your current citizenship(s).  You may apply for this at any time, regardless of whether you have moved to Armenia or not.

I’m not Armenian.  Can I still sign the intent to move?

Yes, as long as you’re from the West.  We have based most of the text here on the assumption that this project would be mostly of interest to ethnic Armenians, but anyone from the West would contribute the type of background and perspective we believe will enrich Armenia.


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