The Armenia3500 Project

Contemplating the move to ArmeniaIn the first 20 years of its independence, Armenia has undergone vast changes.  Some for the better, and some for the worse.  Some things have not changed at all.

The Armenia3500 Project aims to encourage 3500 Armenians from the West* to move to Armenia and Karabakh.  Armenia has a lot to offer in terms of opportunity and quality of life, issues which will be addressed in detail on this site.  It also presents an opportunity to make positive changes on a scale and level which are virtually impossible in the West, often simply by being here.

Armenians from the West in Armenia

Armenians from the West (AFW) began moving to Armenia immediately upon independence, but never in large numbers.  Many have moved over the years, but many of those eventually left.  In the 1990s, job and business opportunities were more difficult, as were living conditions.  Today many of the AFWs have started successful businesses, have founded organizations to help locals and have made fulfilling lives for themselves in Armenia.  Some of their achievements and successes include:

  • Popular restaurants
  • Publishing guidebooks
  • Communication and design companies
  • Factories
  • NGOs providing large-scale help
  • Directing local offices of international organizations

If the number of AFWs increases, this list will grow much longer.  More jobs will be created.  A better network of AFW within Armenia will create a stronger base for future successes and have a butterfly effect upon the nation.  AFWs will create new connections with the West for local individuals, organizations and businesses.  With their different background and experiences, AFWs will contribute new ideas and methodology in Armenia.  Bringing Armenians of different backgrounds together here in Armenia allows us to learn from each other and take the best from each place.